work: Storyboards

A collection of storyboards I've worked on for animation and live action.
Video comparisons with final production follow.


Worked with the crew of Dirty Puppet to bring this little monster to life for Moose Toys. Catch the full film here on Youtube. 

Outlaw Dark - Sizzle Reel

I worked closely with Lil Critter Workshop's animation director, Brian, to create storyboards for their crazy little piece. Watch the animatic comparison video below.

If you enjoyed it, why not give their full sizzle reel a 'like' or share it - Frederator did.


The Witch's Butler

Storyboards for my animation graduate film 2014, created at RMIT, Melbourne.
Here, Rupert panicks.

A Chase Scene

A girl must deliver her package safely. She notices that she is being tailed and a chase ensues. 

Final animation not produced. 

(You made it!)


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