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Every night, a promise is kept. As the sun sets, a special train runs to pick up a passenger, and bring her back into the city by dawn.

This experimental animation was created as a video projection on a building window with an aim to explore how a linear narrative can be told by compressing visual elements in space and time - a multi-scenic story told in one composition, its boundaries defined by real world elements.

Contrary to what many people think, the film is not set in Japan. The pagoda-like building was modelled after the New Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building located in Kuching, where ironically snow does not fall and there are no trains. These elements were added to inject possibilities into the quaint city of Kuching, where something magical occurs in the night, right under our noses as we sleep.

Conceptualized & directed by Vann Law
Animation: Vann Law, Laura Eldar
Music: Hands of Time (feat. Alxndr London) by Kraak & Smaak courtesy of Jalapeno Records.