Work: Animation

A selected collection of my recent animation works. Scroll away!

Showreel 2016

00:03 Explainer video for PayMe™ 
00:09 'Seeing Matters' cel animation video for Explainer Videoly
00:16 'The Witch's Butler' - my graduate film
00:31 'Copped' - personal
00:37 Explainer video for PayMe™ 
00:42 'Pip walks' - personal
00:50 'Seeing Matters' cel animation video for Explainer Videoly

Software: After Effects & Toonboom

Music: 'Touch Tone' by I am Robot and Proud

This is Pip. See Pip walk. 
Rigged and animated in Toonboom with the occasional frame by frame. 
Duration: 25 seconds

Seeing Matters. While I was at Explainer Videoly, I was given the task of animating the company's promotional video on my own.
Cel animation. Duration: 34 seconds

The Witch's Butler. An extract from my 2014 student graduate film, introducing the two characters.
Cel animation. Duration: 1 minute 44 seconds


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