At 7 years old, she dropped a pencil. It bounced on its eraser end, and lodged its graphite head into her shin. 

A multidisciplinary artist working across storyboards, animation and comics, Vann brings her skills to weave characters, stories and ideas together.

She finds enjoyment in suggesting new ways to look at the familiar and bringing her skills onto collaborative projects that challenge how stories can be shared through the convergence of images, music and technology. Her animated works have been screened at MIAF & AEAF, Sydney, Melbourne’s White Night and Singapore’s Noise GIFFest.

Raised in Borneo, spent a few good years in Melbourne and coming away a happy coffee dependent, she is now based in sunny Singapore.

Through her work, she hopes to help build an inclusive and kinder world.

Drop her a line at vannlaw.art@gmail.com